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This page includes links to philatelic reference material that may be of  benefit to club members.  The page is divided into the three most common collecting categories: United States, World and British Commonwealth.

       United States

         Color Varieties for the United States Scott E15  Special Delivery stamp
         Color Varieties of the 1861-63 3c Washington Scott 64-65 (external site)

         Color Varieties of the  1922-1926 Flat Plate Printings

         Color Varieties of the 1938 Presidential Series

         Early US Envelop Color Chart

         Gutter Pairs, Snipes and  Selvage



      British Commonwealth

         King George VI Regular and Light Colors












      Scott Great Britain 235-240 (top row) compared to Scott 258-263(bottom row)



Note: Reference Scott Catalog 2011 G-I for Great Britain King George VI entries

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