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Club Auction

Tallahassee Stamp and Cover Club


for TS&CC members only at the May 10, 2016 meeting

Some Auctions items will not appear on this site. All items will be on display at the meeting by 7 pm before the live auction starts.  This TBAyear’s auction will be May 9, 2017

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This auction is a private function of a non-profit organization. All  information is copyrighted by the Tallahassee Stamp and Cover Club. The use of Scott Catalog numbers is only for the benefit of identification for club members and not for commercial interests.

All proceeds from this auction go to the Tallahassee Stamp & Cover Club to help fund are rental fee/donation at the Tallahassee Senior Center.

Bring cash and/or check to pay for the items at the end of the auction. The auctioneer shall auction each item individually and record the purchaser and hammer price for each item. Contact Mike Francis, if there are any questions about these items or the web site.

Enjoy the Auction!


1. For this auction there is no minimum bid or reserve on any item but member proxy bids will be entered first for each item which will effectively set a starting price for that item.  The auctioneer will call out any proxy bids at the start of bidding for that lot.

2. Bid increments will be $.50 while the active bid is less than $10. If the active bid goes above $10, the increment increases to $1. The auctioneer may call for bids at increments other then these if he/she feels it necessary to stimulate competition.

3. Payment shall be made by cash, or check made out to TS&CC, at the end of the auction for the bidder's total amount for the auction.

4. No mail or email bids will be accepted for this auction but emails will be accepted by the club President for proxy bidding purposes.

5. Disputes shall be settled by a club officer at the end of the auction.

6. If a member is unable to attend, that member can have an attending member deliver a proxy bid to the auctioneer at the meeting. Proxy bids will be opened at the start of bidding by the auctioneer and become the beginning bid for the item. Proxy bids represent the maximum one is willing to pay for the item.  A member may submit a proxy bid on one or more items.

7. No "buy" proxy bids will be accepted.

8. Items not sold at the Live Auction will be returned to owner.

9. The auctioneer reserves the right to pull any item from the auction before bidding for that item begins.

All items will be available for viewing before the auction.

1.      scan0017 (2)

Set of the four Presidential sheets with a fancy First Day of Issue cancellation. All in excellent shape. Scott 2016-2019.Catalog value is $39.00

(donated by Tom Ahlfeld)


2.      scan0022 (2)

First Day of Issue for the 1994 Moon Landing 25th Anniversary sheet of 12. Scott #2841 and is valued at $12.

(donated by Tom Ahlfeld)


3.      1

Five different U.S. post cards with First Day of Issue cancellations. Catalog value approximately $7.50

(donated by Hemanth Vasanthaiah)


4.      2

1998 Springtime Tallahassee cover, U563 First Day of Issue envelope, small and large UC33 entire envelope and other covers. Estimated market value approximately $8

(donated by Hemanth Vasanthaiah)


5.      3

Encased U.S. 1936 Buffalo nickel in X30 condition. This coin was encased and for sale at the 5th Annual Coin Show in conjunction with the 8th Annual Stamp Show which successfully was known as the First Tallahssee Stamp and Coin Show. Value is $10

(donated by Hemanth Vasanthaiah

6.   20170507152443370

Guyana stamp folder containing three sheetlets which are Scott 2904, 2905 and 2906. Current catalog price is approximately $70.50.

(donated by Al Novak)

QUICK LINK TO THE ITEMS: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20

7.      0508172133a

 Set of 1982 Scott Albums. This set would be perfect for collectors of early classics and do not want to take up a lot of shelf space. Vol1 is US, UN and British Commonwealth. Volumes 2, 3 and 4 are the World. Estimated market value is whatever you want to give to the TS&CC.

(donated by Annabel Horward)

8.     0508172133

  Collection of several hundred German stamps in a stock book. There are over 700 used stamps (many are CTOs and no DDR stamps.) 2015 Scott catalog value is more than $475.

(donated by Annabel Horward)

9.  Six complete sets of matching US plate block numbers covering each of the four corners of a plate. Estimated catalog value is $15-$30.

(donated by Alex Hall)


10. Five packages of “HYGRADE” peelable stamp hinges with 1,000 hinges per pack. Estimated market value $35-$50

(donated by Alex Hall)


 11. Selection pack of Crystal Mounts along with other stamp mounts for singles, blocks and covers. Estimated market value $25-$35.

(donated by Alex Hall)


12.  Set of two, World Stamp Expo ‘89, matched set of Maximum Cards. Estimated value $12-$20.

(donated by Alex Hall)


13Collection of 16 United Nations 1980 Flag Covers, match “country corner inscription plate lable” with 1st Day cancels. These are on cover and are very hard to find. Estimated value $25-$50.

(donated by Alex Hall)

14.  Custom made, stainless steel mm/64th calibrated convertible measuring gauge designed measuring grills, postmarks, frame and indicia exact sized and for testing for fakes. Estimated value $25.(donated by Alex Hall)

15.   1893 era :Kingdom of Hawaii” Scott U-11 Entire post card. This card is Mint with an estimated value of $5-$10.

(donated by Alex Hall)

16.   1960 small date Lincoln Cent. This is an MS-64 Gem valued at $10-$15.

(donated by Alex Hall)

17.   Greece 119b//322, 5 currencies, XF-UNC that are clean and crisp. Estimated value $30-$40.

(donated by Alex Hall

18.  Greece 107a//315, 5 currencies, XF-UNC that are clean and crisp. Estimated value $30-$40.


(donated byAlex Hall


19.   Star Wars, 2005 BK collectible Wrist Watch in original BK can - Return of the Jedi in a sealed can. Estimated value $15-$45.


(donated by Alex Hall)


20.  Book: United States 20th Century Stamp Envelopes and Cut Squares, 1986, 1st Edition. This is the definitive reference on US envelopes and cut squares including die varieties. Estimated value $15-$45.


(donated by Alex Hall)


21.   1921-S U.S. .9000 silver $1 Morgan coin. Value is $22-$40  TBA

(donated by Alex Hall)


22.   1964 U.. Kennedy half dollar .9000 silver and 22k gold plated.The coin is graded at MS-65. Market value is $20-$40.

(donated by Alex Hall)


23. Book: Confederate Money Values 2016 “Pocket Guide.” This book contains EVERY major listing for C.S.A. currency in full/exact match colors of print. This guide nearly sold out in the 1st month of the issuing year. This is a must have for Confederate paper money collectors. Estimated value $10-$15.

(donated by Alex Hall)


24.  Eight South Korea early 1967-1970 Souvenir Sheets, MNH. Market value is $35-$60

(donated by Alex Hall)


25.  Eight British Empire issues, still in dealer stock card holders. Estimated value $5-$10.

(donated by Alex Hall)


26.  Brunei, 1977, Scott 226-228, corner block of 4, MNH complete set. Estimated value $3-$10.

(donated by Alex Hall)


27.   0509171722

Bogenmappe 24 sheet mint sheet holder with 3 full pane Scott 1757 sheets. Value of mint sheet holder is $16 (made by Lighthouse) and the pane value is $39 for a total $55.

(donated by Mike Francis)



Two new packs of Showgard Mount strips (black): size 30mm and 61mm with each pack being 215mm long. Marke value approximately $14

(donated by Mike Francis)


29.     Straits Settlement variety. Catalog value approximately $175


(donated by George Harmonl)


30.     TBA


This web site is solely for the members of the Tallahassee Stamp and Cover Club (TS&CC). No commercial use of the information, photos or the web pages is authorized without express permission from TS&CC.  ©Mike Francis, 2003-2017.